Race Stuff

Pancaked side. Doesn't appear too bad from the outside (zero crumple-zone probably explains the appearance)
D.side rear tapered in 8-12".
Gives a picture of the massive buckling of the wheel well and pay attention to the fuel filler neck.
Focus on the buckled wheel well and tear along the wheel well line (as well as the buckle in the trunk mirroring the rear horizontal of the cage.
There are plenty of things to look at here but please note the door bars were a continuous (non-S) bend when it left pit lane that day
Note the buckle of the rear subframe connector
Note the buckling and tearing in the rear wheel well / truck area.
This was the first sign of the total loss involved - the transmission was sheared all the way around. Unfortunately what is not shown here but would become evident pretty quickly was the wreck had knocked the back off the block and transmission case.