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Delta Group Motorsports - about
  • custom solid bushings
  • custom delrin bushings
  • alignments, corner balancing, cage work
  • custom header and exhaust
  • really way, way too much to list

    OPM Motorsports

  • an assortment of go fast parts - final drive, limited slip, braking components and some great advice

    LTB Motorsports

  • great race seat prices for racers
  • So where is the little guy?
    What happens when **** happens.
    And what's next?
    *Cage pics ( CRX V.2.a )
    *Final pics ( CRX V.2.a )  

    Head Restraint:
    Isaac Head Restraint System
  • this is some very cool technology
    Road Race Gear
  • rebuildable airdam/splitters
    Timing Software:
    RIPWare (prototype)
  • prototype/beta multi-car lap timing software and reporting tool

  • Videos:
    Kershaw August ECR
  • Fun in the wet

  • Roebling Road Double ECR
  • Pass for win in ECR

  • Roebling Road Double SARRC
  • Fight to the last

  • 2003 Goblins Go (Virginia Intl. Raceway)
    The ECR start was littered with Spec Racer Fords (more videos to come). The SARRC started as rain came in with about 10 minutes to go. Walt made the call to switch to a wet setup. Good freaking call!

  • ECR Start (followed the wrong guy) temporarily unavailable

  • ECR Pit Out (unplanned pit stop early in race)

  • SARRC Start temporarily unavailable
  • 2003 ARRC (Road Atlanta)
    This was basically a four to seven car fight for the majority of the race. Whomever came out of T7 in the front of the pack would be shuffled back one or two spots seemingly every lap. For several laps mid-race, we travelled in a seven car pack separated by no more than one second. At the finish, the race would end with our fight over 5th-8th place whereas 5th and 6th were separated by .02 seconds and 5th and 7th were only .14 seconds apart. We basically went across Start/Finish three wide.

  • ARRC Start P7-P12 separated by -0.5 seconds

  • Laps 2 - 5, last run down backstraight slips on Stretch's oil      note: above video is a bit screwy for last 5-10 seconds

  • Mid-race P5-P8 running fast laps w/in .4 secs temporarily unavailable

  • Laps 10 &11, 6 car chain (5th - 12th) temporarily unavailable

  • Laps 15 & 16, retake 5th place temporarily unavailable
  • Instructional Videos:

  • Chris Ingle's "Track Tapes"
  • Images:
    Assorted stuff (one day, I'll sort this out - most are poor quality)
    2002 ECR 1st place
    2003 SARRC 5th place
    2003 ECR 1st place

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